Ten Reasons Why Jatropha is Neither a Profitable nor a Sustainable Investment

  1. Jatropha_curcas Jatropha does not guarantee high returns
  2. Jatropha does not thrive on marginal land
  3. Jatropha needs significant amounts of water
  4. Jatropha is not pest resistant
  5. Many jatropha investment projects have failed
  6. Jatropha competes with food production
  7. Jatropha causes displacement of local communities
  8. Jatropha plantations are not pro-poor
  9. Jatropha plantations negatively impact biodiversity
  10. Jatropha is likely to increase carbon emissions

Jatropha: money doesn’t grow on trees (.pdf), a report by Friends of the Earth. Via Energy Bulletin. Previously.