Can I See Your Meat License?

meat licensePeople who are comfortable with eating meat, should be equally comfortable with killings animals, thinks UK artist John O’Shea.

Since 2008, he has worked towards the development of a new kind of law which would require active citizen engagement with the act of animal slaughter implicit in meat production.

The draft of the Meat Licencing Act states that:

It is against the law to purchase or consume meat, without an appropriate license.

People wishing to purchase or consume meat, are required, by law, to obtain an appropriate licence.

It is through a specific and supervised engagement in the act of killing an animal, that citizens will obtain their meat license.

Launching 1st November 2013, at mEATing in Tilburg Netherlands, Meat License Legal documents are available in limited edition of 100 to any individual who has legally demonstrated their own specific and personal engagement with acts of killing. Dutch chef and photographer, Sascha Landshoff (assisted by Philip Schuette) became the first individual to obtain the Meat Licence.

Don’t miss mEATing – kill your darlings if you are in the Netherlands. It is a provocative event that questions our relationship with meat and animals. mEATing runs until November 30.