Heat Your Desk, Not Your Office

heated desk“Bloooms introduces a desk with a heated top, which is bound to enhance the comfort level of people who spend much time working behind a desk.

Research by the Dutch research institute TNO (Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research) shows that contact heating through the wrists is the most efficient way to warm the body — one can turn down the heater 1 to 4 degrees C°. If the undersides of the wrists are warm, the whole body will be warm. By working at a computer, for example, using the mouse, or writing, the wrists are placed on the work top.

The heating elements are integrated into the table top. This is possible, because Bloooms exclusively works with bamboo, which is eminently suitable to apply heating. It’s a stable material, that conserves its shape and properties when heated. A sensor triggers the heating the moment someone sits down at the desk, and turns it off when no one is sitting at the desk. The heating can be individually adjusted, and is therefore excellently suited to be used in spaces where there are several people at work.”

Bloooms heated desk. The company is working on a new version of their heated desk, which can be controlled by a laptop and will be ready in a few months. Related: Several readers have sent us a link to a prototype of a thermoelectric bracelet. It monitors air and skin temperature, and sends tailored pulses of hot or cold waveforms to the wrist to help maintain thermal comfort. Heat the individual, not the building.

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