The “Lavet”: A Sink, Bathtub, Shower, and Washing Machine on 1m2 of Space

Image: Marktplaats.

The lavet is a typically Dutch invention that was mainly used in social housing in the 1950s and 1960s. It was produced up to 1975, with a total production of about 1 million. The lavet is somewhere between a sink and a bathtub. It consists of a plateau with a raised edge, in which on one side is a 40 cm deep tub with a diameter of almost 60 cm. Unique to the design is the multi-functionality. The lavet fulfilled the functions of a bathroom and laundry room but required ​​only one square meter of space.

The tub was very suitable for washing (several) children, but adults could also take a hip bath with some dexterity. There was even the possibility to take a shower standing in the tub. The lavet was also great for hand washing clothes. The manufacturer of the washbasin marketed a washing machine and accompanying centrifuge that fit in the washbasin. The tub was also practical for gardeners: they could rinse large quantities of vegetables in it before preserving them.

Image: Marktplaats.

Image: Ralph van der Kamp. Source:

Image: Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed.

Thanks to Melle Smets.