The Body as a Machine


Anatomies by Fernando Vicente. Via Tecob & Bioephemera. Inspired by the works of Fritz Kahn and others (see illustrations below).



Fritz Kahn

Above: Der Mensch als Industriepalast (Man as Industrial Palace), Fritz Kahn, 1926. More of his work here and here.

“Fritz Kahn’s books and illustrations explored the inner machinery of
the human body, using metaphors of modern industrial life. Kahn turned
the brain into a complex factory with light projectors, conveyor belts,
secretaries and cinema screens; he showed the journeys of blood cells
as locomotives encircling the globe; and he compared bones to modern
building materials such as reinforced concrete.”

Corpsmachin (agence eureka)  
Above: Corps Machine, illustrator unknown, found at Agence Eureka.

The head office harold wheeler 1941  
Above: The Head Office, by Harrold Wheeler, 1941

The miracle of life harold wheeler 1941

Above: The miracle of life, by Harold Wheeler, 1941

Body as machine

Above: Detail of a Chinese health poster (source).