Sewage, Toilets, and Nutrient Cycles for Dummies


Mathew Lippincott writes: “I read with great relish your new article on human manure. I’ve been working on a project along the same wavelength.┬áThere is a small group of people (including ourselves) here in Portland, Oregon who have really gone for humanure, and we’re organizing. Through ReCode Oregon we’re proposing code changes to allow for user-built composting toilet systems. My partner Molly and I just completed six posters on the the topic of sewage, toilets, and nutrient cycles. I hope you like them. We’re working to design composting portable toilets right now, and the lack of knowledge amongst most people on soil processes and nutrient cycles was making us crazy.”





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The posters are for sale. Six posters for $5 or 12 posters for $7. Or get them for free if you promise to put them up in restrooms around Portland. More on the project at Cloacina.