Ship mills

Ship mills on the rhine anton woensam

Boat mills: water powered, floating factories” at Low-tech Magazine. Some extra images below:


Above: Boat mill, Encyclopédie Diderot, 1751

Fausto veranzio 1617 MRM

Above: boat mill, Fausto Veranzio, 1617

Fausto veranzio 1617 RMR

Above: boat mill, Fausto Veranzio, 1617

Miniature boat mill

Above: miniature of a boat mill

German ship mill 1840

Above: german ship mill, 1840

Last authentic ship mills in France

One of the last authentic boat mills in France, around 1914

Last ship mill on the rhone

Above: the last ship mill on the Rhône in Lyon, France, 1894

Ship mill on the tisza hungary ton meesters

Above: ship mill on the Tisza, Hungary (from the postcard collection of Ton Meesters)


Above: reconstruction of a ship mill in repair (1990s). Photo: Karel Broes.

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