Rocking Chair Knits Winter Hats

rocking chair knits winter hats

“Shown in the ruckstuhl building as part of ECAL’s ‘low-tech factory’ exposition during designers’ saturday in Langenthal, Switzerland is ‘Rocking Knit’ – a design that makes the transition to the winter season a little less onerous. Students of university of art and design Lausanne Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex created a chair that will fashion its user a beanie as they leisurely rock back and forth, activating gears that put the machine to work as its sitter relaxes.”

“The project is in response to the exhibition’s theme, where students were required to reinterpret the idea of manufacture – deconstructing the fabrication process of a product to a slower, more considered pace. Designers’ saturday showcased the work in the ruckstuhl carpet factory, appropriately surrounding the work by spools of thread and feverish machinery, connecting concept and real-world techniques in a meaningful way.”

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