Primitive Kitchen Timer by Ludvik Cjep

Kuechenwecker “This wooden chronograph works according to the principle of a kitchen timer. An interval from 0 to 60 minutes can be set on the yellow clock face. When the time elapsed a tinkling signal sets off at the Bottle on the upper right side of the timer. The forefinger of the blue hand under which the yellow clock face is gliding, indicates the time set, resp. the time left. At zero the finger falls into the notch at the circumference of the clock face. Hereby the whole arm is lowered and the blockage of the ringing mechanism is lifted.”

Kitchen Timer by Ludvik Cjep. Don’t miss his other work.

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Los Grumildos in NYC


Los Grumildos, the low-tech mechanical puppets by Ety Fefer, are coming to the US for the first time. July 28 – August 2 in New York City.