Make a Cardboard Surfboard

Cardboard surfboard2

Mike Sheldrake makes surfboards out of interlocked ribs of cardboard, coated in fiberglass sheet. Many pictures and full instructions online. Via Makezine.

Homebrewed CPU

Homebred CPU

“Intel’s fabrication plants can churn out hundreds of thousands of processor chips a day. But what does it take to handcraft a single 8-bit CPU and a computer? Give or take 18 months, about $1,000 and 1,253 pieces of wire.”

Via Wired. More about the project here.

How to Depave the Planet

how to depave the planet

The crack garden. “A crack team of guerrilla gardeners will undertake tactical missions to etch similar tectonic fissures in the parking lots of failed suburban malls and abandoned inner neighborhoods of post-industrial cities. With pneumatic drills or with pick axes and some elbow grease, they’ll wound the earth’s (un)natural asphalt skin, so that forgotten ecologies may return and hopefully fester”. Via Pruned. More how-to information here.

Bookbinding: a tutorial


Step-by-step instructions. More tutorials can be found here, here and here.

Construction and Farming in the 21th Century


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Build your own low-tech turntable

DIY turntable

Total cost can be as low as 50 dollars. Instructions here. Via Retro Thing.