Radical Technology Revisited

radical technology revisited

Is Progress an illusion? Are catastrophic changes inevitable? Is Technology the problem or the solution? What are the practical alternatives? Such questions were asked 40 years ago in the pioneering book Radical Technology [PDF, 31.5 MB].

The conference Radical Technology Revisited will ask them again with even more urgency. The main event is in Bristol (UK) on Saturday September 3rd. Other events will take place on Friday 2nd and Sunday 4th, and will include presentations, workshops, debates, demonstrations, exhibitions, and a party.

Thanks to Leah Temper.

Discussing the Politics of Technology

breaking the frameBreaking the Frame is a low-tech event held in the UK next weekend.

“Technology dominates our world, but many people think ‘its just a neutral tool’ or that technology = progress. Although it does bring some benefits, most technology is designed and controlled by corporate, military and technocratic elites to serve their interests and exert their power. We think it’s time for a much more systematic and joined-up approach to technology that overcomes the democratic deficit in this area. We need to develop a new approach, based on bringing together the insights of different campaigns and movements, sharing skills, and learning from each other.”

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International Appropriate Tech Competition

“The Siemens Stiftung has initiated a worldwide competition to identify and present appropriate technical solutions for developmental activities. Held to directly bring together low tech innovations for basic supply problems in developing countries, these innovations should be implemented with the resources in the regions. The project also aims to build up a database of inventions that is accessible to actors in developmental cooperation. All intellectual properties will remain with the developer/developing team. The Siemens Stiftung has a total of 200,000 EUR at its disposal to be awarded to the best 23 entries. Online application is possible until 31st December 2012.” Read more. Via Afrigadget.

No Tech Day

No tech day Practical Action, a charity that uses simple and innovative technologies to tackle poverty in the developing world (previously), challenges gadget addicts to give up their favourite tech toys on No Tech Day, Saturday, March 27.

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