Making a Blade out of Homemade Steel

making a blade out of home made steel

From Dust to Edge is the documentation of a long journey in the efforts of making a blade out of homemade steel. My interest in blades started with the legendary Japanese katana and as a result of wanting to learn more about how they were made I ended up becoming a bladesmith.

I combined the traditional Japanese techniques and the current knowledge of the Western smith in this pictorial representation. The project will be divided in several sections. It is primarily a visual description through photographs.”

Via Kevin Kelly.

Cameroon Blacksmiths

cameroon blacksmiths

“On the outskirts of Maroua, the capital of the Extreme North of Cameroon, is a place quite unlike any other in the country. Here a community of blacksmiths practice their craft in the relative cool of a tree grove. Several dozen men with specialized skills are gathered here for a single purpose: to transform piles of scrap iron into finely finished tools, stoves, replacement parts and other useful implements for sale to the local population. Young apprentices learn the craft while operating bellows or shaping wood for tool handles. The production here is performed entirely by hand and on a scale which must be seen to be fully appreciated.”

The Extraordinary Makers of Maroua, via Afrigadget. Related: Innovation in Kenya’s informal economy.