Low-Tech Music: One String Guitar

Brushy One String – Chicken in The Corn (Official Video). Hat tip to Sara.

Homemade Musical Instruments

Homemade musical instruments Moonmilk.com has, among other things, a great collection of extremely low-tech (and rather unconventional) electronic and acoustic musical instruments online. Most are built from scrap materials. Particularly geeky (and comparatively sophisticated) is the pixelated violin, which comes with building plans. Via WeWasteTime.

Cardboard Box Bass

Cardboard bass “The ‘Bogdon Box Bass’ represents a reduction of technology and the simplification of needs. By demonstrating that a quality sound can be achieved by using unconventional material components at an extremely low cost, a cardboard bass guitar places the least demand on resource technology and encourages people to shift their preconceptions about the ‘typical novice instrument’.

Cardboard is not a traditional product material, however the introduction of innovative bonding, cutting and structural techniques has provided the opportunity to consider this lightweight and recyclable material in a more creative fashion. Works with or without an amplifier.”

Available as a do-it-yourself kit or fully assembled at Bogdon Music (no free plans). More information on the construction of the instrument here. Related: Shovelman & One string guitar.



Low-tech guitar by Shovelman. More at myspace.