Homemade Musical Instruments

Homemade musical instruments Moonmilk.com has, among other things, a great collection of extremely low-tech (and rather unconventional) electronic and acoustic musical instruments online. Most are built from scrap materials. Particularly geeky (and comparatively sophisticated) is the pixelated violin, which comes with building plans. Via WeWasteTime.

Downloadable Hasselblad Pinhole Camera

Hasselblad pinhole camera “This carefully produced downloadable and printable net file represents an iconic Hasselblad camera as a low impact and functional product that is available to all as an A4 sized, 8 page PDF. The camera takes 35mm film and takes 12-14 images per roll.”

Via Lloyd Alter (and others). Previously: The pinhole camera: low-tech photography

Hardcore Book Scanning

Needed: Chainsaw + scanner. Read the first comment before you try this at home. Via Mijns Insziens.

How to Build a Reciprocal Roof Frame (aka Mandala Roof)

How to Build a Reciprocal Roof Frame Mandala Roof

“A reciprocal roof is a beautiful and simple self-supporting structure that can be composed of as few as three rafters, and up to any imaginable quantity (within reason, of course). Reciprocal roofs require no center support, they are quick to construct, and they can be built using round poles or dimensional lumber (perhaps with some creative notching). They are extremely strong, perfect for round buildings, and very appropriate for living roofs, as well.”

How to build a reciprocal roof frame. Practice with matches first.

Related: How to build an earthbag dome.

Via Judit Bellostes.

How to Make an Adult Soapbox Kart

adult soapbox cart

“This guide will teach you the basic aspects you’ll need to consider to make yourself a road-worthy gravity-powered vehicle. Full suspension on gokart wheels, driver restraints, a ridgid frame with roll bar, and balanced drum brakes are features of the example kart I’ve built that weighs in at under 100lb.”

Of course, this thing only works downhill and is useless as a practical means of transport. But could we please get rid of the Indy 500 and the Formula One circus and race these karts instead? Seems like a lot more fun to me. Previously: DIY replicas of 1930s race cars.

DIY Book Scanning

Diy book scanner “Do-It-Yourself Book Scanning is using cheap, compact cameras and free software to scan books quickly and efficiently. DIY Book Scanners can be as simple as a camera and a piece of glass [PDF] or as involved as the Instructable that brought our community together [PDF / Vimeo]. We’ve come a long way since then. We have GPL-licensed laser cut designs, aluminum designs, and detailed instructions for beginners. We have built hundreds of scanners and freely shared thousands of design improvements.”

More at the DIY Book Scanning Community, a group of over 300 DIY’ers who believe that the future of digital books is too important to be decided solely by corporate interests. Related: DIY Book Binding & Kite Aerial Photography.