Plastics in the World of Tomorrow – Plastics in the World of Today

plasticsPlastics in the world of tomorrow (1944).
Plastics in the world of today (October 2009).

Construction in Reverse

“Deconstructing, as opposed to demolishing, abandoned buildings will revitalize our cities by reducing waste, creating green jobs, and providing high-quality recycled materials for new construction”. Read. More.

Trashwiki for Dumpster Divers

Worldwide guide for dumpster diving (search by location).

A rising tide of ocean debris

Ocean debris

The Marine Debris Index presents state-by-state and country-by-country data about marine debris collected and tallied by volunteers around the world on one day each September at the International Coastal Cleanup. Almost 7 million pounds of trash (3 million kg) was collected. (via). Related: fishing for litter – the dustcarts of the sea.