Designed For The Dump

The Story of Electronics: Why ‘Designed for the Dump’ is Toxic for People and the Planet” (video). Related:

Engineering for the Ecological Age: Lessons from History

Lower Calyx dome under construction All three tile layers are visible photos Michael Ramage

Engineering for the ecological age: lessons from history” (video) by John Ochsendorf. Skip the extremely irritating introduction to the speaker and start at 10:50. Via Ecodemica. Related: Tiles as a substitute for steel: the art of the timbrel vault & Timbrel vaulting in South Africa. Photo: Michael Ramage.

Workers of the World Relax !

We work too hard. Thanks to Leah Temper.

Where no one would believe someone could live

Der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu” is a documentary about Jenny Endresen, an American woman who started a new, extremely low-tech life in an inhospitable part of Norway. It’s not my idea of a low-tech life (I would dress differently, for one thing) but there are some interesting things to see and to hear. Voiceover and questions are in Norwegian, but the woman answers in English. Hat tip to Cristiano Sandels Navarro.