Scrap it

“Because between 15 and 20% of a car’s emissions are produced during its manufacture, the optimal age for a car, the paper says, is 19 years. It would make more sense for the government to pay us to keep our old bangers on the road.” Read at Monbiot.

The development of the electric motor

Electric motor

Picture gallery at the Spark Museum.

Lost knowledge

Lost knowledge

Makezine goes low-tech with a weekly column on lost knowledge and a special issue (on paper).

Early Machine Technology

Early machine technology

At BibliOdyssey.

Street life in 1905


Steam log haulers

Steam log hauler

Steam log haulers: The handful of
Lombard steam log haulers known to still exist today are a part of
history that illustrates the ingenuity of those who came before us. 
That history came alive Saturday as one of these surviving 19-ton
machines steamed into action in Brunswick.