Redefining Wildernis

Migrating back

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Economy = Energy

“The world economy will contract for at least the next 50 years as oil production declines since oil is such an important proportion of world energy use and oil energy facilitates the production of other energy forms (e.g. coal mining, solar, wind). There may be some local and temporary economic growth in regions with local concentrations of available energy but, on the whole, contraction will be the rule”. Read.

Hybrid windmill

Hybrid windmill

Corn-grinding windmill, equipped with an auxiliary steam engine (Rotterdam, the Netherlands, circa 1900). Source: “Geschiedenis van de techniek in Nederland“.

Wooden pipelines

“All those things that make wood so good for building houses and boats apply to pipes”. See & read. More here and here. Related: wooden bridges.

Build your own low-tech turntable

DIY turntable

Total cost can be as low as 50 dollars. Instructions here. Via Retro Thing.

High speed trains

“We would be so much better off simply fixing up and reactivating the normal-speed track system that is sitting out there rusting in the rain — and save our more grandiose visions for a later time”. Read.

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