507 Mechanical Movements (1908)

507 mechanical movements

507 Mechanical Movements, embracing dynamics, hydraulics, hydrostatics, pneumatics, steam engines, mill and other gearing, presses, horology, and miscellaneous machinery, and including many movements never before published, and several which have only recently come into use“. Henry T. Brown, 1908. Via Doug Berch.

Optical telegraph in the Netherlands

optical telegraph in the netherlands

The communications device was located on the beach of Scheveningen in the 1700s. More on the optical telegraph: Email in the 18th century. Source: geschiedenis van de techniek in Nederland.

1920s Off-Road Vehicles

Offroad vehicles 1920s

Click on the image to view the pictures in high resolution. Source: Mémoires et compte rendu des traveaux de la société des ingénieurs civils, Vol.113, 1924.

Airships Past and Present, by A.Hildebrandt (1908)

airships past and present

Airships past and present – together with chapters on the use of balloons in connection with meteorology, photography and the carrier pigeon” by A. Hildebrandt, captain and instructor in the Prussian Balloon Corps (1908). Pictures, table of contents and list of illustrations below. Related: Camping in the clouds – the zeppelin that never lands / Green slow air cargo / Kite aerial photography.

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The History of Helicopters and Autogyros

Yakovlev helicopter

Entry page. Full list of 787 flying machines. Picture: the Yakovlev VVP-6.

Steam engine galleries


Locomobiel Stoommachine is a Dutch site, but it is worth clicking around because of the quantity and the quality of pictures and drawings of all possible steam engines and their applications. (note 02/2011: site has been moved and renamed).