1920s Off-Road Vehicles

Offroad vehicles 1920s

Click on the image to view the pictures in high resolution. Source: Mémoires et compte rendu des traveaux de la société des ingénieurs civils, Vol.113, 1924.

Automobiles on Steroids

“This paper estimates the technological progress that has occurred since 1980 and the trade-o ffs that manufacturers and consumers face when choosing between fuel economy, weight and engine power characteristics. The results suggest that if weight, horsepower and torque were held at their 1980 levels, fuel economy for both passenger cars and light trucks could have increased by nearly 50 percent from 1980 to 2006; this is in stark contrast to the 15 percent by which fuel economy actually increased.”

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Guido Vigevano’s Wind Car (1335)

Guido Vigevano’s Wind Car

“Chapter XII. On the way of making a second waggon which is propelled by the wind without draught animals, and which dashes violently over open country to the confusion of all troops”

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Cargo Trams, Trolleytrucks & Road Trains

Trolleylorry 2

Cargo Trams, Trolleytrucks, Electric road trains and the whole story.

Polynesian Stick Charts

Polynesian stick chart

“The Polynesians, scattered as they were over 1,000 islands across the central and southern Pacific Ocean, were master navigators who tracked their way over huge expanses of ocean without any of the complex mechanical aids we associate with sea fairing. They didn’t have the astrolabe or the sextant, the compass or the chronometer. They did however have aids of a sort, which though seemingly humble, were in fact the repositories of an extremely complex kind of knowledge. Called Rebbelibs, Medos. and Mattangs, today we call them simply Stick Charts.” Via Tecob. Related: Satellite navigation in the 18th century.

A Practical Guide for Automobilists (1901)

Steam powered automobile

Horseless vehicles, automobiles, motor cycles operated by steam, hydro-carbon, electric and pneumatic motors – a practical guide for automobilists, manufacturers, capitalists, investors and everyone interested in the development, use and care of the automobile” (1901). Including a special chapter on how to build an electric cab, with detail drawings.